Beer and Bevies !

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Breweries & Distilleries..... Anyone?

If you like Beer, we have some great Distilleries and Breweries right here in Canmore.  You should check them out.


Canmore Brewing Co.

Sheepdog Brewing

  • Location: In the industrial area of Canmore, 105 Bow Meadiows Crescent, Canmore
  • They craft a lot of great beers for you to try. In fact, there are 15 tap beers available to try including some really unique brews such as a coconut porter, mixed berry sour, and an ages saison.

Blake Brewhouse and Distillery

  • Location: In central Canmore, 810 Bow Valley Trail, Canmore
  • Combines both a brewery and a distillery into one. They brew their own beer and craft their own spirits onsite.

Wild Life Distillery

  • Location: In the industrial area of Canmore, 105 Bow Meadows Crescent
  • Is a small craft distillery that only crafts 7 sprits. The small tasting room is the perfect place to try a unique cocktail crafted with expert care.


Grizzly Paw Brewing Co.

  • Location: In central Canmore 622 8st
  • This small brewery was the first in Canmore
  • If you’re bringing someone along who doesn’t love beer then Grizzly Paw Brewing is a perfect choice.  They sell homemade cocktails in a can, these include a Mountain Mule and a Gin Squeeze!



If your in Banff... Try these!

Banff Ave Brewing Co.

  • Location: Right in the heart of Banff, 110 Banff Ave
  • This was the first brewery in Banff and the craft beer here is delicious! The brewery is conveniently located on Banff Ave but it can be a little tricky to find as it’s on the second floor.
  • There are 12 delicious beers to choose from and the variety is so vast there really is a beer for everyone.

Three Bears Brewing

  • Location: In the heart of Banff town, 205 Bear Street
  • Three Bears Brewing is Banff’s newest brewery and is actually owned by the Park Distillery, they have 4 full-time beers on tap.

Park Distillery

  • Location: Right in Banff town, 219 Banff Ave
  • Park Distillery has 5 whiskeys and 11 spirits all of which are crowd favorites.  Whiskey lovers will really enjoy tasting them all which range from 36 to 47 months. 
  • Their spirits include vanilla vodka and expresso vodka